Injustice: Year Zero preview: Read the first eight pages of the highly-anticipated prequel

After a few weeks’ worth of clues being dealt out in piecemeal (or should that be pieceletter?) fashion on series creator Tom Taylor’s Twitter account, Taylor and DC Comics have officially announced Injustice: Year Zero, a prequel series to the highly-acclaimed, fan-favorite Injustice series.

When asked why a prequel series was the right move when exploring the Injustice universe, Taylor told The Hollywood Reporter, “One, this was the part of the story that always felt like it had the biggest hole. There were two Injustice questions that have been hanging over me for years. Why did Joker target Superman? And where did the Justice Society go? We actually sowed the seeds of this in the Injustice 2 comics, when both Doctor Midnite and Wildcat hinted at a traumatic past in our universe.

Two, while I was keen to return to this universe, I really didn’t feel like this was the right time for stories of a dictator Superman. My favorite comics are an escape from the real world, and the real world has more than enough power-hungry men stomping their will on the people. I wanted to write something where my heroes were truly heroic. The only way to do so in the Injustice universe, was to check in before Superman’s fall and before Batman and Superman’s friendship was broken.”

Check out the first eight pages in this Injustice: Year Zero preview:

Injustice: Year Zero will follow the Justice League as they trace the actions of their predecessors, the Justice Society, who fought in World War II. Delving into the past becomes no laughing matter when the Joker becomes involved, sowing seeds of distrust between the two teams and hoping to turn them against one another. Tom Taylor, creator of the Injustice series will be on writing duty while Roge Antonio, Cian Tormey, Rain Beredo and Wes Abbott will provide the art.

The official synopsis for Injustice: Year Zero #1: “The Justice League throw a celebration honoring the heroes who came before them—the JSA! Batman finds himself in an unexpected spar with Wild Cat for old time’s sake while Wonder Woman, Alan Scott and the Spectre contemplate their actions in WWII. Meanwhile, Joker finds exactly who he’s looking for that will come back to haunt the JSA.”

The official synopsis for Injustice: Year Zero #2: “Both Justice League and JSA members discuss legacy as Batman and Superman talk about the possibility of Superman starting a family (and we all know what that led to in Injustice: Year One). Commissioner Jim Gordon reveals to Batman that Joker broke someone out of Blackgate Penitentiary while they were at Watchtower with JSA—who is Andre Chavard, and what does the Joker want him for?”

The official synopsis for Injustice: Year Zero #3: “Flashback to the 1940s in Egypt with Hawkman and Hawkgirl on one of their archeology expeditions as they discover a mysterious amulet that possesses Shiera’s body…what will it take for Hawkman to save her? That is, if it’s not too late…”

Each chapter is listed at $0.99, with all three chapters combined available for $2.49. New chapters will be revealed every Tuesday with the series spanning 14 chapters in total. Injustice: Year Zero‘s first three chapters are now available on Read DC, ComiXology and other digital comic retailers.

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