Batman: Three Jokers: Six new variant covers by Jason Fabok revealed

To commemorate the highly anticipated comic event’s debut later this summer, DC Comics has unveiled an early look at some of the variant covers (of which there will be nine in total) for Batman: Three Jokers, each illustrated by series artist Jason Fabok.

Batman: Three Jokers #1 – Red Hood (Variant A)

Batman: Three Jokers #1 – Joker Fish (Variant B)

Batman: Three Jokers #2 – Joker Behind Bars (Variant D)

Batman: Three Jokers #2 – Death in the Family/Top Hat & Monocle (Variant E)

Batman: Three Jokers #2 – Joker Applying Makeup (Variant F)

Batman: Three Jokers #3 – Batman: The Killing Joke Hawaiian shirt and camera (Variant G)

Batman: Three Jokers will be written by Geoff Johns, drawn by the aforementioned Jason Fabok and explore a few of the DC Universe’s most burning, year-long questions: Why are there three Jokers? And what does it all mean for Batman and the Bat-Family?

The first issue of Batman: Three Jokers will release on August 25th alongside Red Hood (Variant A), Joker Fish (Variant B) and Joker Bomb (Variant C) covers; the second issue is slated for September 29th with the Joker Behind Bars (Variant D), Death in the Family/Top Hat & Monocle (Variant E) and Joker Applying Makeup (Variant F) covers; and the third and final issue will go on sale on October 27th alongside the Batman: The Killing Joke Hawaiian shirt and camera (Variant G), Stand-Up Comedian (Variant H) and “Endgame” Mohawk (Variant I).

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