DC: Detective Comics #1052 preview

“His hold is breaking!” That’s the message written in blood across the minds of Arkham Tower’s inhabitants, after a nightmare melee is unleashed! With Gotham’s deadliest criminals reverting to their former, murderous selves in one horrific night, Dr. Wear has a lot of explaining to do…and a lot of covering up to perform. Can Nightwing get to the bottom of this mystery before the people of Arkham Tower are put in peril again? Plus, Batman’s iron grip on Gotham is enough to drive the desperate to madness…and madness is on the mind of the Boy in part six of “House of Gotham.” When an average night at coat check at the Iceberg Lounge turns into a violent battle royal between the Dark Knight and the Penguin, lines are blurred, people are hurt, and the Boy’s descent into a life of crime deepens…

Detective Comics #1052 preview

Written by Matthew Rosenberg, Mariko Tamaki
Art by Fernando Blanco, Max Raynor
Colored by Jordie Bellaire, Luis Guerrero
Cover by Irvin Rodriguez
Page Count 34 Pages
Release Date February 8 2022

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