Marvel: X-Men: Marvels Snapshots #1 preview

The Marvels Snapshot tour through Marvel history continues, showcasing Marvel’s greatest characters through the eyes of ordinary people! Or does it? In this case, the “ordinary person” is teenaged Scott Summers, witnessing the dawn of the Marvel Age from a Nebraska orphanage and wondering what his place in it might be. What was it like to experience the debut of the FF, the Hulk, Iron Man and more? To wish you could be a part of it all? Writer Jay Edidin (Thor: Metal Gods, Jay & Miles X–Plain the X–Men) makes his Marvel comics debut, teamed with Tom Reilly (Immortal Hulk), to tell a story of upheaval and decision that would shape the X–Men (and the Marvel Universe) forever after.

X-Men: Marvels Snapshots #1

Written by Jay Edidin
Art by Tom Reilly
Cover by Alex Ross
Page Count 31 Pages
Release Date September 16 2020

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