Will Vanessa be in Deadpool 3? Morena Baccarin gives her answer

Warning: Spoilers for Deadpool 2 ahead.

Like Deadpool said himself in his first film, his story is a love story first and foremost — and what would a love story be without the love of Wade Wilson/Deadpool’s life, Vanessa? Although the return of Vanessa Carlysle, played by actress Morena Baccarin would complicate matters were she to return in Deadpool 3, considering what happened to her in the opening portion of Deadpool 2, as we saw towards the film’s end, it might not be outside the realm of possibility to bring her back, considering which device Deadpool is able to get his hands on thanks to the time-traveling Cable.

That being said, will Vanessa be in Deadpool 3? That is, will there be room for a continuation of Deadpool’s love story with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine already slated to co-star alongside Ryan Reynolds in the third installment of the Regeneratin’ Degenerate’s antics on the big screen? The answer, much like time travel itself, is complicated, according to the actress who portrays Vanessa.

When asked if Vanessa will be in Deadpool 3 on an episode of Inside of You podcast with Michael Rosenbaum, Baccarin said, “That’s a really good question. I have to be very diplomatic about what I say here. I’d like to be in it. They have called me about being in it.”

Baccarin added that while she is currently in talks with the Deadpool 3 filmmakers about returning for Deadpool’s first foray into the MCU, she’s still unsure whether or not her return is definite.

Morena Baccarin as Vanessa (L) and Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool/Marvel Studios

“Right now, we have not agreed on terms,” Baccarin continued, “and everybody’s trying their best, and doing their best. It may or may not work out. I don’t know.”

Rosenbaum added that as an integral part of the series, bringing Vanessa back in Deadpool 3 might seem like a no-brainer, but Baccarin believes that Marvel and Disney may be looking to make the bromance between Deadpool and Wolverine take precedence over Deadpool’s actual romance in the third installment.

“I’d like to think [I’m an integral part of the series],” Baccarin added. “I do think that this movie, since the acquirement of this Deadpool universe by Marvel/Disney… that merger that happened, I do feel like they’re trying to reinvent it a little bit. I think this movie is going to be much more about Wolverine and Deadpool…”

Baccarin reinforced the notion that Jackman’s role as Wolverine in Deadpool 3, is a substantial one.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s known,” Baccarin continued. “Yeah, I mean, Hugh’s going to be a huge part of it. I’m sure he’ll be great.”

Will Vanessa be in Deadpool 3? Would you like to see Deadpool’s love interest return for the series’ third installment? Lets us know in the comments.

Update: On April 12th, Deadline confirmed that Morena Baccarin will be returning as Vanessa in Deadpool 3; the extent of her role is still unknown. Also reprising their role in Deadpool 3 will be Stefan Kapicic as the organic-steel-skinned Colossus. Ryan Reynolds has also confirmed that Karan Soni and Leslie Uggams would return as Dopinder and Blind Al.

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