‘Reacher’ star Alan Ritchson explains why he’s the right choice to play Batman in James Gunn’s DCU

Reacher star Alan Ritchson is a big guy (for you). At 6’3″ and 230 pounds of solid muscle, Ritchson certainly has the physical stature to play Batman; his no-nonsense attitude as Jack Reacher in the eponymous Amazon Prime series is another reason he’s become a favorite among DC fans to take on the role of The Dark Knight in James Gunn’s upcoming The Brave and the Bold, which Gunn has revealed will center around an older, veteran Batman mentoring a young Robin.

But is Ritchson interested in playing Batman? And does he have the right mindset to play the character? Ritchson addressed these questions during a recent Career Bucket List interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

“I would love to play Batman. There, I said it, okay? I’ll shout it from the rooftops: ‘I wanna be Bruce Wayne!’

Ritchson went on to flex some of his knowledge on The Dark Knight, stating that it’s not just brawn that makes Batman who he is — it’s his exceptional intelligence as well.

“Here’s the thing about Batman,” Ritchson continued. “You know what his superpower is? Intelligence. Dude is the smartest superhero there is. He’s inventive, and he’s got all the gadgets, but he’s super smart. I want to be that guy. And, also, to have a cave with, like hypercars, sports cars, and awesome motorcycles.”

This isn’t the first time that Alan Ritchson has expressed his interest in playing Batman. In a recent interview with The Post Cred podcast he said, “The fact that people are interested in me playing Batman is a real honor and privilege. It’s one of the first characters I fell in love with as a child: I still remember the big, long pistol coming out of Joker’s pants as he goes to shoot down the Batplane.”

Ritchson has already played two DC superheroes in the past as well. In the CW’s Smallville he made his acting debut as Arthur Curry AKA Aquaman and in 2018-2021 he starred as Hawk in Titans.

What do you think of the comments made by Alan Ritchson on why he should play Batman? Do you think Ritchson would make a good Batman in James Gunn’s DC Universe, both physically and intellectually? Let us know in the comments.

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