Alien and Predator comics landing at Marvel in 2021

“In space, no one can hear you scream,” could soon be the new motto of the Guardians of the Galaxy and other space-faring superheroes as iconic sci-fi franchises Alien, Predator and Alien vs. Predator will be landing in Marvel Comics starting in 2021. (The franchises were previously under the Dark Horse Comics banner.)

“There’s nothing more thrilling than a story that will keep you at the edge of your seat, and Alien and Predator have delivered that time and time again!” C.B. Cebulski, Editor-in-Chief of Marvel, told IGN. “I can clearly remember where I was when I saw each of these modern masterpieces for the first time, and reveling in how both masterfully weave extraterrestrial dread and drama into some of the most iconic scenes we’ve ever seen on film. And it’s that legacy that we’re going to live up to!”

“The incredible legacies of both franchises offer some of the most compelling and exciting worldbuilding in all of science fiction,” said Marvel Editor Jake Thomas. “It is a thrill and an honor to be able to add to that mythology and continuity with all-new stories set within those universes.”

“Alien and Predator are the two of the most identifiable, iconic characters of all time, and I love them for that,” said David Finch, artist of the spine-chilling Alien and Predator teaser art pieces seen in this article. “But mostly, it’s being fortunate enough to be a kid when they were new. I’ve seen every movie they’ve ever been in, and I cannot wait to see them wreaking havoc in the Marvel Universe. I drew my pictures of them with a massive smile on my face.”

“As a visual medium, comics are the perfect place to build on those moments, and we here at Marvel are honored to begin telling these stories for fans everywhere,” Cebulski added. “As our release schedule continues to return, we can’t wait to share more in the coming months!”

Will Earth’s Mightiest Heroes be able to quell a Xenomorph invasion? Will we be seeing the United States Colonial Marine Corps (USCMC) or the Weyland-Yutani corporation integrate their futuristic technology with S.H.I.E.L.D. (or vice-versa)? Will the Yautja (or Predator) set their sights on Wolverine, Captain America or Iron Man as their latest trophy? Will we see the Brood, who were obviously influenced by the Aliens, take on their movie counterparts? Or will the Alien and Predator comics be a separate entity from the mainline Marvel Comics? More details as they become available.

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