The Boys: Starlight cosplay by KalinkaFox

It seems like anywhere you turn these days there’s a new superhero film or series coming out. Which is what makes Amazon Prime’s The Boys, the highly popular, gritty, deconstruction of superhero films such a refreshing, if commensurately disheartening (but oftentimes hilarious and entertaining) take. Even though characters like Homelander (a sociopathic version of Superman) and Stormfront (a female Nazi who uses her position in The Seven, The Boys‘ resident superhero alliance to further her goals of a race war) are certainly not superheroes whom we’d want to put on a pedestal or emulate (unbeknownst to most of the public in The Boys of course) there are a few characters who seem legitimately altruistic in the series.

Like Starlight for instance. Much like her powerset, Starlight is an illuminative force on The Seven and in the world of The Boys, especially when it comes to scruples and truly caring about making the world a better place. Cosplayer KalinkaFox captures that down-to-earth, sincere vibe which Starlight, AKA Annie January pervades in The Boys and then some in the following gallery.

Starlight cosplay by KalinkaFox

Starlight cosplay by KalinkaFox

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