Our favorite Kim Possible cosplays (plus some Shego thrown in for good measure)

If you’re anything like us then Kim Possible, with its clever mix of action-adventure, crime fighting, unique gadgets and the throes of adolescence was a staple animated series of your childhood. Now that we’re all grown up, we’re sure the thought of a live-action, more mature version of Kim Possible has crossed the mind of many of the show’s fans; until we get a live-action movie version of Kim Possible however (we refuse to believe the 2019 Disney Channel one exists), a la Dora the Explorer, we’ll have to “settle” for the following cosplays.

The following list contains our favorite Kim Possible cosplay, from Maria Fernanda Galvao to Luxlo to Danielle Beaulieu.


IG: @kinpatsucosplay

Kim Possible cosplay by Kinpatsu

Maria Fernanda Galvao

IG: @fegalvao_

Danielle Beaulieu

IG: @daniellebaloo

Kim Possible cosplay by Danielle Beaulieu


IG: @luxlocosplay

Sara du Jour

IG: @saradujour


Twitter: @ezcosplay_com


And of course, what would Kim Possible be without her arch-nemesis, Shego?

Maria Fernanda Galvao

Kristy Che

IG: @kristy_che

Sara du Jour

Which Kim Possible cosplay was your favorite? Which Shego cosplay was your favorite? Did we leave a Kim Possible cosplay or Shego cosplay off this list that you think should be included? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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