X-Men: Sentinel cosplay by Pretzelbot

“Comply, mutant.”

This Sentinel cosplay by Pretzelbot is so detailed we’re seriously wondering if Bolivar Trask made it in Trask Industries for the sole purpose of hunting down mutants. Take a look at the following gallery, although if you’re an individual who has ever exhibited signs of the X-gene, proceed with caution.

Check out this video of Pretzelbot’s Sentinel cosplay in action. (He’s definitely got the robotic mannerisms down.)

Sentinels are technologically advanced robots which are designed and programmed to hunt mutants. There have been many different Sentinels introduced in the Marvel Comics continuity at this point, but the typical Sentinel is roughly 40-feet-tall with the capability for flight and mutant detection. They are also capable of energy projection and equipped with restraining devices in their built-in arsenal.

A look at some of the different pieces which constitute Pretzelbot’s Sentinel cosplay, which are painted pieces of EVA foam.

Sentinels exhibit great physical strength and are highly resistant to damage.

What do you think of Pretzelbot’s X-Men Sentinel cosplay? Let us know in the comments.

For more of Pretzelbot’s cosplay, check out his Instagram or his cosplay props on Etsy.

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