The Mandalorian crossover fan art, The Mandalorian vs. Rogue One

4 great examples of The Mandalorian crossover fan art

The Mandalorian is an extremely popular Disney+ series and one of the most enjoyable Star Wars properties in a long, long time. Which of course, means there has been plenty of crossover fan art made.

Here are four of our favorite pieces of The Mandalorian crossover fan art.

The Mariolorian

Mandalorian crossover art, The Mariolorian

“This is-a the way!”

Even though Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island featured the inverse of what is depicted here (in the game, an adult Yoshi was tasked with escorting a mewling Baby Mario through 48 levels), the theme of the Mariolorian still fits perfectly.

Mario looks like a straight bad-ass in his red-and-blue, miniaturized Mandalorian armor; Baby Yoshi shares the same first letter in his name as Baby Yoda and looks every bit as adorable and the Shy Guys, in their trademark hooded garb look like the perfect Mario World counterparts to the Jawas.

Artist: Mauricio Abril

Hunter vs. Bounty Hunter

The Mandalorian crossover fan art, Mando vs Predator

The Mandalorian and the Predator are two of our favorite sci-fi characters of all time, so it’s a no-brainer that we included this piece of fan art by Dean Spencer, which depicts an unfortunate Predator on the receiving end of the Mandalorian’s attack. Although it looks like The Mandalorian earned his credits this time around, Spencer (Twitter page: @DeanSpencerArt), much like us, has envisioned this battle going both ways, as he promises in a tweet, “Next I shall have to do one with the predator as the winner.”

Artist: Dean Spencer

Rogue One: A Mandalorian Story

The Mandalorian crossover fan art, The Mandalorian vs. Rogue One

Who says these Mandalorian crossovers can’t stay within the same universe? What would happen if The Mandalorian happened to come across Cassian Andor, Bodhi Rook and sardonic droid, K-2SO, with the bounty being retrieving a particular set of Death Star plans stolen during the Battle of Scarif?

Artist: @shima_spoon on IG.

The Metroidlorian

The Mandalorian crossover fan art, Metroidlorian

The Metroidlorian is the second piece of The Mandalorian crossover fan art in this collection and it’s easy to see why; Samus Aran in a Mandalorian armor/Varia Power Suit makes even more sense than Mario in miniaturized Mando armor. Although, if we said, we’d be lying if we said that carrying around a baby Metroid and coddling it in a blanket isn’t far more unnerving than a baby Yoda or baby Yoshi.


The Mandalorian crossover fan art, Ironmandalorian

This one makes even more sense than it seems at first glance. As we know, director Jon Favreau is at the helm of The Mandalorian Disney+ series. He was also the director of the original Iron Man film from 2008, which kickstarted the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it today.

We can just imagine Tony saying, “Jarvis, protect the child.” And Jarvis answering with, “Yes, sir. This is the way.”

Or of course, Mando staring out the side window of the Razor Crest to see a fully suited Iron Man flying alongside him and then saying, “Gotta get one of those.”

Artist: El Jefe Design

Which piece of The Mandalorian crossover fan art was your favorite? Is there any The Mandalorian crossover fan art that we didn’t include on this list that you think we should? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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