Wonder Woman cosplay by Lis Wonder

Wonder Woman cosplay by Lis Wonder

While the recently released Wonder Woman 1984 isn’t making quite the same impact that the original film did, we still enjoyed the sequel for what it was. Of course, Gal Gadot as Diana commanded our attention nearly every moment she was on screen, although if we had to voice one complaint it would be that there wasn’t enough focus on Wonder Woman when she donned her golden armor that was featured so heavily in the promotional material.

Which is where Lis Wonder (who is the only Wonder Woman cosplayer that we might give the slight edge to over the also amazing Alyson Tabbitha) comes in to the equation. Lis Wonder, who is possibly the quintessential Wonder Woman cosplayer, looks a lot like Gal Gadot, as you’ll soon be able to tell from the following images. Very much a lot like Gal Gadot. So much so that if you approached random strangers on the street, showed them a picture of the Wonder Woman cosplay by Lis Wonder and asked them what they were looking at, they’d likely respond with, “What’re you doing showing me a picture of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman? That’s nice, man,” or some variation thereof, and be on their way. Don’t believe us? Well, see for yourself.

The following gallery contains our favorite Wonder Woman cosplay by Lis Wonder images, including Wonder Woman in the gleaming, golden armor she dons to save the day.

Could you tell the difference between Gal Gadot’s actual Wonder Woman and this Wonder Woman cosplay by Lis Wonder? If you liked this Lis Wonder cosplay, be sure to check out Lis’ Twitter page and Facebook.

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