MCU's Spider-Man 3

MCU’s Spider-Man 3 is the ‘most ambitious standalone superhero movie ever made,’ says Tom Holland

There’s certainly no shortage of rumors for the MCU’s Spider-Man 3, particularly when it comes to who will be joining actor Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus, Jamie Foxx as Electro — and possibly Willem Dafoe and Thomas Haden Church as Green Goblin and Sandman and Charlie Cox as Daredevil, and even Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield as alternate dimension Peter Parkers (much like what we saw in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) in the increasingly exhaustive list of cameos and returning roles.

Though the inclusion of all these Marvel characters, new and old alike to the MCU Spider-Man series seems like it could get very bloated and counterintuitive to a modern day, standalone superhero movie (remember what too many characters did to the Schumacher Batman films?), MCU’s Spider-Man 3 lead Tom Holland remains confident that the movie’s aspirations will only serve to make the upcoming adventure of everyone’s favorite neighborhood Spider-Man all the better.

MCU's Spider-Man 3

“I can say that it’s the most ambitious standalone superhero movie ever made,” Holland said in a sit down with Variety. “You sit down, read the script, and see what they’re trying to do, and they’re succeeding. It’s really impressive. I’ve never seen a standalone superhero movie quite like it. And I’m just, you know, again, that lucky little sh– who happens to be Spider-Man in it.”

Those who are worried MCU’s Spider-Man 3 won’t live up to the high quality of previous Spider-Man films with such an extensive cast of notable characters, such as Captain America: Civil War, shouldn’t have any cause for concerns just yet. There’s still plenty of more time and work to be put into the upcoming sequel.

“We got a lot more shooting to do. We started before Christmas and shot for like seven weeks,” Holland added. “We stopped for the Christmas break, and then we’re starting again. I’m just as excited as everyone else to see it, let alone be a part of it.”

The MCU’s Spider-Man 3 sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming is currently slated for a December 17th, 2021 release.

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