Vincent D’Onofrio wants a Kingpin ‘What If…?’ episode

Disney+’s Echo series sees Vincent D’Onofrio once again return to the role of the intelligent, calculating, menacing mob boss Kingpin, a character whom the show’s producer Brad Winderbaum describes as the “Thanos of this street-level corner of the MCU.” Though Wilson Fisk/Kingpin served as the overarching villain for Echo and will feature as the main antagonist in the upcoming Daredevil: Born Again series, D’Onofrio has one role in mind for Kingpin before that happens.

“I would love to do, like a, What If…? kind of Fisk story,” D’Onofrio told “I would just like to explore him in a, outside of the usual teaming up of villain and superhero. I’d like to see a truly more realistic version, kind of like what they did with the Joker . . . A more interior approach and you know, 10 times darker than anything we’ve done with him before. You know, exploring that would be really interesting.”

D’Onofrio also revealed that there was one process in readying himself to become Kingpin that could have deterred him from returning to the role regularly, one which has been remedied by something which Marvel Studios created especially for his return in Hawkeye and Echo.

Vincent D’Onofrio as Kingpin/Marvel Studios

“The only thing that could have held me back would be if I just had to keep on putting on all that weight and keep it on,” D’Onofrio revealed. “And so I don’t have to do that anymore, so I’m in the best shape I’ve been in a long time.”

D’Onofrio would have to gain considerable weight when he played Kingpin for the Netflix Daredevil series but beginning with Hawkeye would actually wear specially-tailored muscle suits underneath his suit to help him become the absolute unit you see now.

“I love these new kinds of ways that they actually construct the muscle fat suits that I have to wear. I think they finally work and feel right and look good,” D’Onofrio continued. “That helps a lot because it’s not the healthiest thing in the world to keep putting weight on and taking it off again. So yeah, I mean, as long as the powers that be will have me, I can’t see not playing this part, it’s so much fun.”

Echo is now streaming on Disney+ and Hulu.

What do you think of the fact that Vincent D’Onofrio wants a Kingpin ‘What If…?’ episode? Would you like to see Kingpin in a ‘What If…?” episode or would you rather see him just appear in more street-level Marvel entities like Daredevil and Spider-Man? Let us know in the comments.

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