Wednesday Addams cosplay by Luxlo

This Wednesday Addams cosplay by Luxlo is so good it’s altogether ooky

Isabel, better known as her cosplayer handle Luxlo, is quickly becoming one of our favorite comic book cosplayers here at Herodope. Since Halloween season is upon us, we figured what better way to exhibit our newfound appreciation for Luxlo’s work than to feature her Wednesday Addams cosplay. Luxlo brings the precocious, emotionless, pale-skinned, pig-tailed Wednesday Addams, the only daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams to life in contemporary, accurate form in the following photoset.

“Child of woe is wan and delicate…sensitive and on the quiet side, she loves the picnics and outings to the underground caverns…a solemn child, prim in dress and, on the whole, pretty lost…secretive and imaginative, poetic, seems underprivileged and given to occasional tantrums…has six toes on one foot..” — Charles Addams

Wednesday Addams cosplay

Did you enjoy this Wednesday Addams cosplay by Luxlo? Show Luxlo’s cosplay some support by heading to her official website, which contains links to her Patreon, Onlyfans and social media pages.

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